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USB-C? Did we already go through A & B?

As we speak, there are several tech advances happening in the background and as a layperson, you need not know about all of them. However, there are some upgrades that you need to be well versed with, because they will affect consumer behavior and influence your buying motive quite profoundly. For example, the innovation of USB – C, the new generation in USB standard that will override USB 2.0.

The non-technical definition is simply put as a new way of charging and syncing your devices, and at a faster speed. What this means is that the new generation of Apple MacBook, OnePlus Two, Nexus 5x, Nexus 6p, Lumia 950 etc. will all support the Type C port affording faster charging and syncing at transfer rate of up to 10GB/s! Not only that, it has the advantage of improved power delivery over the previous USB port – powerful enough to juice a computer. One of the major highlights is that the new port is reversible; it’s easy to hook up from any side. No more ‘figuring out the right way to plug the USB!’ Hook it up any side!


Now that USB Type-C port is being made a standard across devices, your future device purchases will be influenced by it. It also means you will need to make your old devices compatible to sync with the new one, should you want to use them both together or transfer data from one to the other. Stuffcool has identified this possibility and come out with the Duke cable, which has a Type A USB port on one end and a USB C plug on the other. This 1-meter cable has a stylish aluminum housing and color woven cable that is durable and works brilliantly for data transfer as well as charging your smartphones and tablets. In any situation, where you forget your Phone's/Tablet's stock charger and feel stranded since noone around you uses a USB-C enabled smartphone (pchh "Muggles"), the Duke will definitely bail you out, and at Rs. 699, it does'nt burn a hole in your wallet.

aligncenter Now, if you've taken the plunge and purchased the new 12" MacBook, you must truly marvel at the power delivered with such a thin sleek design. The Space Grey colour just sends it straight to the future. But having just a single USB-C Port could be frustrating. How do I connect stuff to my MacBook, right? Dont worry, the Stuffcool 'earl' and 'troop' are just the squad you need. The Earl is a compact cable that connects to the USB C port of your 12" MacBook and has a Female USB 3.0 Type A port on the other end for connecting standard devices like your phone, pen drive, hard drive, printer, basically anything with a USB Connection. We have been told that the Earl doubles up as a OTG Drive connector for various USB-C enabled Smartphones as well. At Rs. 899, this product is your window into fighting your USB-C helplessness.

aligncenter The Troop now, on the other end, is a single product, complete solution for all your USB-C woes. Its a 4 port USB 3.0 Hub with a USB-C Cable at the end which allows you to connect upto 4 USB devices to your 12" MacBook and can facilitate data transfer speeds up to 5Gigs per second. You can connect a variety of USB devices to your new 12" MacBook and access all of them at the same time! Ah, with great features comes a great price, Rs. 1899 for Troop, but remember, he's all you need.
Needless to say, both Troop and Earl have elegant Aluminium bodies so that they dont shy away from the new MacBooks.

The Nexus Smartphones are Androids flagship babies, and with the new Nexus models - the LG Nexus 5X and Huawei Nexus 6P and both of them use the new USB-C technology. Theres a third party app called Checkr which basically tests the compatibility of the USB-C Cable being used with these Nexus devices. We strongly recommend to use the app before purchasing an aftermarket USB-C Cable. You can download the Checkr app here.

The Duke is by default compatible, obviously, it would'nt be named Duke if it was'nt.