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Here’s a Pro Tip For You

Haven’t you ever wondered how easy life would be like the 22nd century? Cars that whiz by, personal robots and shiny gadgets making life easier – mood-predictive robot bartender, anyone?! However, with new innovations in tech ever so often, that might just be knocking on our doors sometime soon.

But wait.. hold on. What if we did tell you of a fantastical innovation that will clearly ease up your life & your mood? You scoff and say, Oh really? Something that can defeat jerky car rides and cracked phone screens just because you stopped to pick up a call? Of course – right this and learn how to be as cool as Magneto and as suave as Ian McKellan.

We present to you the Phone Mounts.

A must-have for all hustlers out there, the Magic Mount works really well whether you’re travelling, working, or just relaxing at home. Not only does the angle come in convenient when you’re scrolling through emails and / or Instagram but the mount also makes sure to protect your phone from dust to just plain clumsiness. However, we wouldn’t just put it down to that. What we’re really kicked about – and know you will be too – is that the mount is completely magnetic. Plus, it’s super safe. The suction design makes it easy for it to be attached to any surface and it comes with two metal plates to use as per your phone’s size – all you have to do is affix the right metal plate to your phone case, let the magnets work their voodoo magic and then BAM! It’s time to hit the road.

There’s nothing better than hitting the road with some great music and happy relaxed vibes. The Stuffcool Air Vent Mount is all about making your drive easier – just attach it to the vents, affix your phone, press play on those tunes. Just like James Bond’s Aston Martin, it’s super luxe with its cushioning and quick-release for a smooth getaway…into the horizon for now, atleast.

Perfect for a straight up boss like M, the Stuffcool Clasp Car Mount is perfect for those who like to take control. Fitted with a disc mount for the dashboard, the mount is expandable, fitting your device perfectly and has a smooth swivel that makes a 360 degree viewing perspective easy to execute. With its securing mechanism, you’re locked and ready to go.

Armed with the Stuffcool Mini Clasp Car Mount, navigating has never been easier – just imagine if Christopher Columbus had it! It’s a fit for GPS devices as well as smaller phones. Cushioned and with a quick-release system, heading out for a drive is as simple as 1-2-3.


What can we say? It’s the Man Friday for your Man Friday.

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